Sunday, December 13, 2009

Whole Foods field trip

I'd been wanting to shop at a Whole Foods Market ever since all the hubbub and protesting over CEO John Mackey's libertarian Wall Street Journal oped on health care happened. I wanted to at least walk around in the store as a matter of principle, even though I'm generally annoyed by the over-priced organic, locavore mumbo jumbo mentality.

I have to say I was disappointed. I expected my jaw to drop at $10 boxes of raw, organic cereal and $15 local, seasonal, biodynamic fruit juices. The prices I saw seemed even a bit more affordable than Astronomico's Andronico's, and there were sale items and free samples. Of course, comparing something to Andronico's isn't saying much.

Maybe I've been in the Bay Area too long, but the only thing that really offended me about the place was the little homeopathic remedies section. I might even shop there occasionally if there were one nearby. I bought a really delicious box of cereal (I know it's delicious because of the free samples).

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  1. Honestly, if you want ridiculous yuppie groceries, go to Berkeley Bowl... not only is it cheap but it's pretentious... it's like the best of both worlds.