Friday, November 13, 2009

hello world

For my first post I should say that I've actually been blogging for a bit. I'm moving my blog here from a livejournal account because I started the livejournal in college as a personal blog, a way to keep in touch with friends. But over the last year or so I've stopped writing about personal things and starting writing about ... ideas, I guess. And all my friends stopped writing in their livejournals. So I've decided the change in content should be matched by a change to a more robust blogging utility, with more opportunities for expanding (creating) my audience.

Oh, and about me. This blog adds another cosmotarian, secular humanist voice to the Nets.


  1. Does this mean I should put this RSS feed in the "Politics" folder, or should I put it with the old LJ in the "Friends" folder? Guess I'll put it in both for now...

  2. Great, another fucking blowhard on the internets.

  3. Chip - be nice or I'll punch you. haha ;-)