Saturday, November 21, 2009

quick thought on prostitution

I linked to the Jezebel post on the outing of Belle de Jour simply because I liked the way the author handled the different viewpoints it brought forth. Her summary: "The truth is that prostitution as a whole is neither glamorous nor dangerous. Instead, it's as complex as the sexual urges prostitutes satisfy."

This reminded me of my favorite defense of prostitution that I've heard, which is that the broad diversity of the human condition makes it too inflexible to simply say "Prostitution is wrong." It's probably not the most powerful defense or the most passionate, but it's one of the more interesting thoughts I've heard on the topic. Here is Tyler Cowen, from an Intelligence Squared debate on the resolution "It is wrong to pay for sex" (which is perhaps a more interesting debate than something like "Prostitution must be banned.")

(This post is as much about me learning how to embed media as it is about prostitution)

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